"Working with Alex has been, and continues to be, a great experience. She is approachable, knowledgeable, professional and understanding of the needs of a small business like ours. Our work with her has been exactly what we needed to take our marketing efforts to the next level."

- Seb and Stef, owners


"Alex has been our consultant since we first opened our doors. She’s always available to answer any questions we may have, provide social media tips, help tackle any customer related challenges, and provide us with ideas on how to grow our customer base. We always look forward to working with her!"

- Tyler, owner


"Before the world of online advertising became so popular and helpful, businesses had to find other ways to advertise. Alex put together an actionable plan that gave us access to hundreds of potential clients. We’re happy to say that almost 10 years later, some of those clients are still using our printing services."

- George, owner


"We were recommended Alex’s social media services to help launch our Facebook page. She was our community manager for the first year, coming up with creative posts, interacting with customers, organically growing the number of our followers and always sharing social media best practices with us. We learned so much from Alex and always go back to her for any questions or advice."

- Sergey, owner



"Urban Sprout provided exceptional support with our crowdfunding campaign, allowing us to raise over $30,000. Alex was always there to guide our marketing and social media work and went above and beyond in providing useful ideas and helping these come to life. We look forward to working with Urban Sprout on our upcoming campaigns."

- Artem, owner